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Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

February 10, 2017


Mendoza alluded to this with his little quip yesterday: “You guys keep grabbing the young guys and I`ll swoop in and take the sure things…Suckers. ”

And here’s Saget, doing it again.

Last year, Machado was a reach for Saget at 1.01. That is, Saget thought that Machado would be the best player in Fantasy. Machado had a good season with 37 HR, but his OBP was middling at .343 and his SB were non-existent. As in zero. In NFBC roto-dollars earned, he finished outside the top-15.

Now, this year, Saget’s talking about reaching for Trea Turner at 1.06. Another multi-eligible middle infielder with half a great season behind him.

Turner’s going #10-20ish (never mind that Yahoo Current ranks him #402) but I present six guys I’d totally, definitely take ahead of Turner:







…and here’s a seventh: Manny Machado. The steals will return, and he’ll be in the discusion for MVP.

Let’s see if Saget leaves $$$ on the table a second year in a row with his first round pick.



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