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MLB Veterans go off re: Rule Changes

February 23, 2017

The whole piece is worth a read to marvel at some self-entitled bastards:

Summing up:

–Nobody likes the idea of a pitch clock

–Nobody likes the idea of the Commissioner’s Office doing stuff on its own

–Cole Hamels likes DAVID’s idea of robo-umps for balls and strikes

–What’s left unsaid is that the interviewees have each made tens of millions of dollars and couldn’t give a fuck whether MLB continues to remain profitable because they’ve got theirs. If millenials tune baseball out becaus4e the ball is put in play once every three minutes and 25 seconds (which it was last year), well, so be it because they already got paid themselves.

This desk continues to support any measures to give Sawx–Yankees a shot at finishing in less than four hours.


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