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Mailbag: David Wright

February 24, 2017

3920.jpg     The man himself.

Hi CL,

Is David Wright done?

Should the Mets switch him to 1B like rhea Nats with Ryan Zimmerman, I figure Duda can be released or traded…or is Dude better than Wright at this point?
Is Jose Reyes a bargain in the draft should Wright falter?
Bob Saget
Hi Saget,
Jesus I have no idea about any of it. Wright has missed four months each of the last two years (2015 Hamstring; 2016 neck) and is practicing behind closed doors.
The Mets fucked up their infield situation by making a qualifying offer to Neil Walker, which of course Walker acepted. The Mets were caught off-guard by the acceptance, but they were the only ones. Walker was never going to get more than 3 years/$30M on the open market after having a season-ending herniated disk. I guess the Mets thought there wasn’t much on the open market at 2B, but of course Brandon Phillips was there effectively for free.
Duda is certainly better than Wright vs RHP.
Mendoza points out that the Mets also have an extra OF, so it’s all a bit sloppy.
I don’t mind Reyes. Yahoo says #327 preseason, #799 “current”. NFBC ranging 235 to 422. Something around #300 might be nice value.
Good luck,

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