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Handbags at Dawn: Shaggy and CL on the Shaggy/Mendoza Trade.

March 17, 2017

Shaggy traded first overall, a fifth rounder, and fifteenth rounder for the last three picks in Round Three from Mendoza. The following e-mail exchange ensued, with spelling mistakes corrected.


From: CL 

To: Shaggy

Subject: Nice Trade

You got sodomized


From: Shaggy

To: CL

That’s not very nice.


From: CL 

To: Shaggy

OMG you got fucked.

You got two 3rd rounders for Mike Trout.
That’s it.
The other 3rd rounder you got you paid a 5th and a 15th for (fair value).

Two weeks ago I threw out three names on Chat and said Trout was worth two of them, not three.
You pointed out that the names I used wouldn’t even be there at theback end of the third round.
OK. You’re right.
So you got EVEN LESS than two of the names I threw out.

Copp was some giddy.


From: Shaggy

To: CL

You named 3 guys most likely in the high 20’s or low 30’s. If your analysis was right (you are like main stream media and just twist things however you want them) then I would’ve been all over that trade in a heart beat and would’ve been ripping Steve off. And Steve wouldn’t do that trade. Nice try though. I needed to make a move to add more guys, I know what was out there and you don’t.
Just because we all can’t rip people off doesn’t mean you know everything.


From: CL 

To: Shaggy

Ok ok you did great.
Copp traded his #12 overall to Saget for two late third rounders then traded those two third rounders to you for #1 overall. Good for you.


From: Shaggy

To: CL

When I need you to run my team I will give you a call. What Copp did previously doesn’t matter, that market wasn’t there. You blatantly fuck people in trades all the time so you don’t know how things work. I felt like making a trade, I did not want an OF first overall. I probably should’ve gotten a little more value but it was nowhere to be found. I pulled the trigger. You wouldn’t have paid more for first pick.

You should be happy that I give your blog material, and even though I never win a trade I’m usually around playoff time by some miracle.


From: CL 

To: Shaggy

I was there when it went down.
Copp said you wrote and asked what you would have to pack in with Trout to get his three threes.

I told him “just fucking do it for three threes before he changes his mind–tell him you’ll take his last two picks”.

And Copp said “No, he’s desperate, I’m going to ask what he has between a five and a ten”

And I said “probably fucking nothing since he traded all that to me to get the high picks”

And Copp said “I’ll ask, then we’ll look”… and you had a five… and Copp said “he’s desperate he’ll give me that”

And I said there’s no way you’d do it.

And, as is so often the case, I was totally utterly wrong.

You take the last word, then I’ll post this on the blog. 🙂


From: Shaggy

To: CL

Are you gonna mention how you said saget got sodomized by you and Copp and therefore that set the value I should be trading for?

It’s a trade that almost needed to be done by me. I now have 7 of the top 42 picks and I think there is a lot of potential in that area. Could I have gotten more? Maybe I should’ve tried for more but I was lazy. Copp knows it is best to trade with me after supper when I’m taking my medicine.


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