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Crow (Brendan) Questionnaire Answers

March 22, 2017
1. How do you feel about your own draft? 
Just fine. We like to take chances and we took plenty.
Betts at 4 was nice. He probably won’t put up the numbers he did last year but there aren’t many seven category players out there so he was worth the pick. Thor will dominate.
We took Votto, our home town hero for the first time in any pool, so that was exciting. We’ve already used our local connections to learn about Joey’s off-season workout regimen – hint: don’t expect another slow start based on changes from last year.
Our util/bench is made up of part time players. We don’t expect a full season out of any of them but what they do produce when healthy should combine for two top 150 players.
2. What pick or picks are you most proud of? 
Matt Bush. Not for fantasy value, but we had already taken the drunk driving Korean asshole a couple of picks before, so getting Bush to show Kang that baseball after being a scummy criminal was possible, was good for clubhouse purposes.
3. Looking back, what would you have done diferently? 
Considering we can’t field a healthy infield to start the season, probably not have waited on those positions so long.
4. At least four people are punting saves to start the year. If you knew that going in, would you have looked at drafting closers differently? 
We’re one of those teams so no. One position for one category will always be the dumbest part of fantasy baseball and I refuse to take part in it.
5. Oquendo went all pitching and DAVID went all hitting to start. Who’s going to do better there? 
I haven’t looked at their rosters but one of those two passed on Trout at 2. That makes him the loser.
6. Looking around, who had the best draft? Why? 
7. Who had the weakest draft? Why? 
No comment. I don’t validate your rosters by looking at them.
8. Anything else on your mind?
There hasn’t been any mention of the fact that Trout went third? And the team that took him third was essentially paid to do so. Ridiculous.
9. Bonus question for Crow – Since there’s two of you, any picks that caused any level of contention between you?
Aaron Sanchez. One of us thinks he’s a young star on the rise to true ace status, the other thinks he’s a guy with average command that can’t induce swinging strikes to save his life and is doomed to live up to the spot he was taken.

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