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Saget Survey Responses

March 23, 2017

1. How do you feel about your own draft? 

My draft went the way I envisioned.  The first 40% of my draft, I pretty much drafted who I was targeting and I was scrambling the last half of the draft, but followed the basic plan.

2. What pick or picks are you most proud of?

I guess I will know better at the end of the year.  I am hoping Aaron Judge hits 35+ HRs and I like where I was able to draft Contreras and his C/OF eligibility

3. Looking back, what would you have done differently? 

Maybe go after a badass closer like Chapman or Jansen instead of Posey at #35 and draft a catcher in the 180-185 range.

4. At least four people are punting saves to start the year. If you knew that going in, would you have looked at drafting closers differently? 

I would contend it is much harder to find a starting full time quality bat on the FA wire, so I focused on hitting as long as I could and I bolus’d the 180-185 picks for closers in a range which I analyzed as the very end of getting “current” closing pitchers — and I am assuming Neris and Bedrosian will be the closers for their teams late in the year or at the very least be a good reliever with good ERA and K:BB.  If you can pick up a win in the saves category against a team that punts and if 4-5 teams punt on saves….that could be a 8-10 category win swing and be the difference between making the playoffs or getting a “bye”

5. Oquendo went all pitching and DAVID went all hitting to start. Who’s going to do better there?

They both have good bats from 1-14, but no depth. If a specific position goes down where they are thin it will be tough to get a quality replacement.  It’s tough to draft a balanced hitting and pitching team with depth….trades, injuries, and team management dictate the winners.

6. Looking around, who had the best draft? Why?

Beats the shit out of me.  I like my 12 best bats and 13-17 are gambles.  My closers are numerous, but average at best and I am relying on the Reds Starting Pitching staff and streaming for W’s and QS’s. WHIP and ERA will not be my dtrong suit.  The team that picks up the best FA’s and doesn’t make too many lopsided trades will rise above the rest…plus injuries and performance drop-offs will play a role in the weeks to come.

7. Who had the weakest draft? Why? 

If you punt on saves then you need to be really really good everywhere else….injuries or ineffectiveness might be a bitch.  Who is this years “James Shields or Phil Hughes” big drop-off after a great year?
Anyone who only has good bats up until slot 11-12 and are rolling the dice on part time players in the 13-14th slot

8. Anything else on your mind? 
SF Giants need to win the World Series again and start an even year streak.  But, if they don’t win another world series in my lifetime, I am happy because I never thought they would one crown much less 3 in my lifetime….I thought their best chance was in Bonds prime and that slipped away once he got old and they signed Zito to a stupid contract.

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  1. 85DowntheCrow permalink

    I like the low expectations for Judge.

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