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Shagsters Rips Off Saget

March 23, 2017

Shagsters gives: Eugenio Suarez, Tom Murphy, Anthony DeSclafani

Saget gives: Russell Martin, Chase Headley, Dan Straily

Shaggy needs to pull off a lot of lopsided deals to get competitive and here’s the first one: Russell Martin is the only useful player in this exchange.

DeSclafani and Straily are end-game arms. Saget will be pleased because DeSclafani pitches for Cincy, but he’ll be much less pleased with his 4-ish ERA and his 1.3 WHIP–neither of which can help you in this league. The oft-injured Straily might be better, but likely won’t be.

Suarez might be better than Headley, but Suarez’ peripherals don’t back up his home runs, and Headley is a known, steady commodity. Neither is a top-200 guy.

That means Shaggy got a top-10 catcher in Russell Martin for… a rookie backstop with a broken arm. Wow.

Well played Shagsters. Ten more of these deals and you’re in the playoffs.


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  1. EHHHHH…Wrong….Bullshit, Suarez equal to Martin, the rest is a wash, I got what I wanted….not a rip off by any means. Martin is good, but will have a second half swoon when he gets tired. Murphy is a good #3 catcher when he gets healthy and he’s in the west, so I will get a chance to insert him if there are open spots if Contreras and Posey both sit which will be rare. Martin in the east, so I have to play him if he starts and might have to sit someone else I might not want to sit when the mountain, desert, and west coast games start.

  2. Copper permalink

    I tend to agree. Suarez to me is the best player in the deal. Martin will play maybe 110 games this year tops with the Jays crowded DH situation. Murphy is a potential get once his arm is fixed. DeSclafini I thought was hurt and might have blown his elbow last I read looks like a smart dump by Shaggy.

    Very low level deal overall but I don’t think its a slam dunk by any means.


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