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Curacao Survey Answers

March 25, 2017

1. How do you feel about your own draft? 

Pretty good actually. Once my 30 picks were up there were still guys I wanted to take. I even turned Dutch Boy on to one of them (Saladino).

2. What pick or picks are you most proud of? 

I was excited to ge Villar at #34, Hamilton at #69, Belt/Franco at #112/#113, and what I think is quality SP past #200 (Manaea, Ray, Velasquez, Lynn).

3. Looking back, what would you have done diferently? 

I should have taken one more power bat instead of Elvis Andrus at #163.

4. At least four people are punting saves to start the year. If you knew that going in, would you have looked at drafting closers differently? 

A little. I wanted four top-10 closers and I got them (Chapman, Giles, Osuna, Herrera) but I probably could have gone with just three and maybe a scrubby one and gotten a better bat instead.

5. Oquendo went all pitching and DAVID went all hitting to start. Who’s going to do better there? 

DAVID, but only because Oquendo has zero in-season team management skills. All-pitching can work, but it’s a lot of work. And Oquendo just isn’t up to it.

6. Looking around, who had the best draft? Why? 

Mendoza, easily. Trout falling to #3 is absolutely criminal and what makes it worse is Mendoza played Saget for a chump to move up in the mid-rounds while still getting Trout. Mendoza was always taking Trout at #1, which presumably leaves Bryant for Saget at #3 once Kershaw goes. But Mendoza somehow convinced Saget he was taking Bryant. What a joke.

The Rizzo falls to #17 and Mendoza’s there again and from then on he was always going to have the best team. I don’t think he’ll be stopped this season, barring a very unlucky week in the playoffs.

7. Who had the weakest draft? Why? 

Shaggy obviously had a train wreck. I guess he fell asleep at the end but even the top-end wasn’t stellar. Darvish is an avoid in our league as he walks too many guys. JD Martinez has a fucked up foot. E-5 is moving from a hitters park (factor 107) to a pitcher’s park (factor 95). He needs to scam a lot of people to get competitive.

8. Anything else on your mind?

People rely on stats too much in this league. Statistically speaking, eight out of nine people enjoy gang rape, but that doesn’t necessarily make it a good thing.


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  1. elramaba permalink

    Copp nor anyone else “played” shit…I got the bastards I wanted and would have reached for them had I stayed where I was at. There is no significant drop off from Bryant to Trout. The moral of the story is if other gcbl members respond to emails and trade offers other than the usual crew…they will probably get hooked up because it will be a win-win…I’ll draft guys I want where I want with instead of reaching at certain spots and having a chaotic draft and being forced to weaker players earlier the draft because there is a run on their positions…and they will move up in the draft….5-6 mediocre closers is better than none or one, it wasn’t an accident….plus Bryant and Turner at the top is not a bad haul

    • You got sodomized. Bryant would have been there at #3. He might have been there at #7.

      And Turner’s ridiculous with Machado still on the board.

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