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Saget–Assclowns Trade

March 26, 2017

Saget gives: K-Rod, Tom Murphy, Eugenio Suarez

Assclowns gives: Evan Gattis, Brandon Kintzler


This one is K-Rod for Gattis with some complementary pieces tossed in. Saget, who owns Posey, still hasn’t figured out it’s a one-catcher league (seriously, look at the settings!) but he’s dealing from a six-deep closer stable so he can afford it, and Suarez is a better real-life baseball player than fantasy guy.

Saget clearly thinks Kintzler closes in Minesota and he’ll likely begin the year that way, but he’s never had a WHIP below 1.30. With Pressly, Chargois, and other faces looming, Kintzler’s no sure thing even if Perkins is out til July.

Tom Murphy still has a broken arm, just like he did three days ago when Saget was so hot to acquire him.

I guess Saget’s talking up Suarez and Murphy was only so much bluster.

Here’s hoping the deal helps both sides. Barring a new injury, it won’t make or break anybody.


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