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Jeurys Familia Suspended 15 for Domestic Violence

March 29, 2017

5757.jpg6703.jpg     “Which one’s whiter? Can you see the difference?”


Familia only got 15 games and Chapman got 30…that’s racist



Hi Saget


They’re both blacks from the North Caribbean.




I was bullshittin’



Extra Bags, Curaçao Racism Edition: There’s shitloads of inter-marriage on the island so you’d think there wouldn’t be much racism. Wrong. It’s all over (and yeah, I’m ashamed to admit I was more racist after living there six years than before I went).  Here’s one of a hundred examples:

I worked with a woman a couple years older than me named Elisabeth. Lis was a smooth caramel colour and would have been completely hot except for her stomach which made her look pregnant. She had a nice face and amazing tits, spent an hour a day on her makeup, and she was willing to overlook her stomach if no one else could–so she thought herself a perfect “10”. I’m all for chicks having a positive self-image, but she had zero use for anyone whose skin tone didn’t match hers exactly. This person was too light, that one was too dark, and you know what They say about Those people.

One day, Lis comes to me and asks her to proofread the English-language version of her classified ad. It began: 2-brdm apt., Saliña. 800 Guilders/month OBO. No Chinese, NO LATINS.

“Oh c’mon Lis, you can’t put that in the paper.”

“What? Why not?”

“No Chinese? No Latins? That’s just racist.”

“Well, I’m not renting to any fucking Chinese or Latinas, and people put that in the paper all the time…”

“Lis, your husband is Chinese. Your children are, believe it or not, half Chi–”

“And they and his family are fucking filthy. After meeting them, I’d never rent to Chinese. And they’ll put 30 of them in the apartment. They’re like fucking cockroaches.”

“And the Latins?”

They’re all whores. All of them. The Colombianos, the worst. But they’re all whores.”

“Well, there aren’t any spelling mistakes.”

“Thanks, [Sweetie].” 



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  1. elramaba permalink

    What a woman!

  2. 85DowntheCrow permalink

    I have a firm no Chinese policy when it comes to my fantasy teams. Kolten Wong can fuck right off.

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