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Cash Bail–Saget Trade

March 31, 2017

Saget gives:  Hector Neris, Brett Gardner

Cash Bail gives: Jarrod Dyson, Fernando Rodney

This one should boil down to what Jarrod Dyson does in a full season in Seattle.

Let’s get the rest of it out of the way: Neris should be a closer, Fraudney is a bad closer, and Brett Garner, 64, has seen better days. Any one of those three could have a big year and swing this deal in hindsight. In truth, all should have middling years so it comes down to Dyson.

Dyson has stolen 30+ bases four times in his MLB career, but never registered a season with 300 AB. A serial 4th-OF and pinch runner in KC, Dyson, 32, was arb-eligible for a final time this winter, traded to Seattle, and battled a hamstring issue for most of the spring. He should have LF sewn up against righties anyway and might get some extra AB if he can prove himself useful. Dyson hit high watermarks of .278/.340/.388 last year and that’ll do fine if he can do it again.

30 SB might be on, but we see regression in the slash line after BABIP was also elevated last year. Saget should be OK here even if Dyson comes back to earth a bit, provided he gets the 450 AB Saget has surely penciled him in for.

Advantage: Saget, but it’s not as clear cut as one might think.


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