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Q&A: Saget completes Reds SP Bolus; References D-Train.

April 5, 2017

1. How do you think the Reds staff will do this year?

Below average…I would like them to win 20% of their games and put up competitive stats in 40%….it’s more a matter of convenience.  I know I have 7 relievers and a SP going each day….and can stream a SP and sit Hudson if I choose…I’m sure the roster will look vastly different in 2 months
I don’t want to stream 2 SP each day….I’ll get just as shitty ERA, whip, and hr allowed by having all the Reds starters and putting in one day rather than scrambling for SP off the wire….also, it guarantees I meet the min innings pitched per week
The goal is to try to get close to break even in pitching stats by winning Ws QSs and saves and whomp ass in the hitting categories….I’m sure I’ll have a few 4-10, 5-9 losses…I just want 8-6 or 9-5 wins a majority of the time
….there is a slight chance one young guy might break out and be the next Carl Pavano for one good year

2. How poor would they have to be to dismantle the bolus?

I guess it depends on my record and how desperate I get….or if my bench bats kick ass and I can trade a solid bat for a good SP
I don’t like drafting SP real high because of possible labrum and Tommy John issues popping up and SP potentially taking it easy during the fantasy playoffs

3. Amir Garrett’s getting ROY, isn’t he?

Not sure…might be the next Dontrelle Willis, awesome for half a season and come back to Earth

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