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Sadly, an Offer Rejected.

April 11, 2017

Hey Ultrasurblanco,

This trade has been proposed to you in Great Canadian Baseball League (726).

Kyle Seager
Carlos Martínez
to Shagsters
Freddie Freeman
Tyler Glasnow
to Curacao Littleleague


Comments from Shagsters:
If Glasnow hits the strike zone he’s very very good…


And of course Shaggy is correct. When Tyler Glasnow hits the strike zone, he’s dynamite. How good? How’s 500 MiLB innings with an ERA of 2.03 and a K-rate of more than 11 per 9 innings? That’s fucking good.

Glasnow has nothing left to prove in the minors. Nothing. And that’s why he’s up. If the Bucs are making the playoffs this year, they need a bounceback seasons from Cutch and Cole-45, they need Glasnow and Josh Bell to step up, and they need Gregory Polanco to progress further. So they’re giving it a shot. They’re not hanging with the Cubs, but if all those things go right it’s 90 wins and a wildcard.

But Tyler Glasnow has Steve Blass Disease.

I’m not sure what was worse last night:

–Watching Glasnow implode

–Listening to Steve Blass really, really, really feel for the kid as he did colour commentary.

There are lots of great players who need to come up from the minors three or four times before they stick. Alex Rodriguez comes to mind, who had gone from Prospect to Suspect before his third and final call-up.

Glasnow’s going to be a good’un too. I have him in a Keeper League and next year he’s a stud.

In a redraft league, now? No thanks.

Free advice to the Pirates from a kid who got so nervous in university that one semester he couldn’t write exams: Put Glasnow in the pen as the long man for two months. Watch him grow into it mentally. Make him beg, and beg, and beg to start. Then, mid-June, turn him loose and watch him become one of the NL’s top-10 arms. This time next year, last night and his 2016 struggles will be a distant memory.

I’d do this deal if they put him in the pen.


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