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Mailbag: More on Glasnow

April 16, 2017

Hey CL,

More rough numbers for Glasnow yesterday. He’s still poison, right?

–Central Time Zone


“Poison” is a relative term. Correct, he’s of no use in our league and Shaggy should just cut him, but Glasnow took half a step forward yesterday in a tough environment for his overall development.

Glasnow, yesterday: 5 IP (99 pitches), 6 R, 4 ER, 6 H, 7/2 K/BB

Schwarber led off with an oppo 200-foot double against the shift off the end of the bat. Bryant then clanged one off the scoreboard in left centre. There have ben six shots of the 2-year-old scoreboard, and Bryant has four of them, double the rest of humanity. The wind was blowing out at 18 mph but it was a no-doubt jack.

Glasnow was always pitching from behind after that but got no help from Adam Frazier making his first MLB start at short (2 E; didn’t get to at least one ball he should have).

The downside in all this was that Glasnow’s heat was clocked at 92-93 when it usually runs 98-99. Radar guns can be twitchy and the Statcast stuff further muddies the water this season, but this drop seems outside the margin of error. I don’t think he’s lost 6 mph since Monday’s disatrous start–rather it’s pretty clear that he’s taking something off the cheese to try to get it in the strike zone.

That might seem to be OK –strikes are, you know, good– but Glasnow’s ceiling throwing 92 is a hell of a lot lower than it is when he’s throwing 98. This might be a necessary sidestep in Glasnow’s development, but it doesn’t point to short-term value.

We still think Glasnow’s going to be great a year or two from now.

We still think if the Bucs want him to be great in the second half this year, he needs to move to the pen until he can throw high-90s strikes.




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