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Nookie Wins Another Trade

April 30, 2017

Jose Oquendo gives: Adrian Gonzalez

Nookie gives: Brandon Crawford

Well, Nookie’s starting 2017 where he left off previous years, getting far too much for a middling shortstop with a documented groin injury on the 10-Day DL.

OK, José Fernandez might have been too much for Crawford… and Fernandez is still dead. But Nookie got perennial All-Star Adrian Gonzalez. Really? Really? Really.

Gonzalez has started slow in the dinger deopartment this year but still sports a .340 OBP and double-digit RBI. The home runs will come. Jose might be afraid that Bellinger will start getting time at 1B (and if so, that would please this desk greatly) but he got almost nothing in return here in a disgraceful deal.

Brandon Crawford is a fine real-life baseball player but a 15/5 30-year-old SS doesn’t really help you on our league if there’s even a 25% shot that Gonzalez gets hot. Now factor in that Crawford is injured, and, … c’mon man.

It’s Mendoza’s league and if he wants to let his cousin play, we just need to roll with it. Maybe I’m being mean. It’s just that Jose went to special schools growing up (Bishops I think, maybe Acadia?) and it’s not really fair for Nookie to take advantage.



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