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Effects of the 10-Day DL

May 4, 2017

If you thought about it, it was obvious: teams could use the shorter DL to shuffle players on and off it more frequently–especially pitchers who, with an off day in the stretch, would only need to miss a minimum of one start (on day 5 or 6).

Teams thought about it, and it’s obvious.

Through April 30, there were 270 players placed on the DL… last year, 209 only. That’s a jump of 30%.

Were there a lot more significant injuries?

Not really. To April 30, there were 4198 total player-days lost to the DL. Last year it was 3892. That’s a jump of only 8% this year… much less than the 30% we might expect.

All those stats include guys on the 60-day DL (I can’t separate those out, sorry) but that means the difference is even more stark. Lots more DL trips, without lots more DL days.

Expect teams to manipulate the 10-day DL all year long.







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