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MadBum Flips Dirt Bike; Saget flips MadBum

May 7, 2017

In what was essentially a three way deal in two parts:

To Cash Bail: Evan Gattis

To Saget:  Mark Trumbo

To Crow: Madison Bumgarner

Rather than just go on about Cash Bail’s second bonehead move this week, we thought we’d bring you some of the Pullitzer-nominated* journalism the blog is known for by reaching out to involved parties and asking about motivation.

Saget, on acquiring MadBum: “[Huge] Discount! Hold him for possible playoff push.
“It’s just my personal preference [not to spend high picks on pitchers], not necessarily the best strategy since I have only 1 title in close to a decade and an average showing at best in the other seasons!
“I don’t like spending high picks on great SP’s:
–INJURIES: Kershaw back injury last year and Bumgarner injury this year support my ideas….
–OR production just falls off the face of the earth, best example off the top of my head is maybe James Shields years ago having a good season and plummeting the next few years.
I like everyday production from my high picks and i don’t want to trade everyday players for a great SP because price will be higher in season than it would be during the draft.
One reason I go for handcuffs is to rely less on streaming, lock down IPs for the week, and statistically (unless it’s the Padres staff) some of the SP’s should step up and have a decent season for a low draft price.
Also, it’s been my experience, teams usually drop decent pitching during the season and you can build a patchwork staff from that to supplement a team that stocks up on closers and bats in the first 60% of the draft


Saget, on flipping MadBum: Did not expect Trumbo to be offered….once again, a discount…I’m banking on Trumbo finding his groove and I have a lot if DL guys right now.


Crow, on acquiring MadBum (we put it to him that as a near-last-placed team, this move was highly questionable):

“Just gambling that Trumbo keeps sucking and soon enough finds himself in the lineup against lefties only. If that happens and he’s still on our team, then we’re even more screwed.

“We’re not winning the regular season and a top 5 starter for three months will help us get into the playoffs more than a platooning slugger. Sometimes after a poor start, you know at best you’re only playing for the FA Cup and not the title**.

“Maybe it doesn’t go that way but we’re in last so we need to take some chances. It’s still early. We don’t Panik.

“And It’s not like we could pair him with another shitty slugger and get someone like Mike Trout… oh wait…”


So we asked Mendoza via Messenger… if he wanted to respond to the jab about the Trout trade. “Don’t really care,” Mendoza said exactly.

“Crow’s a goddamn idiot who has never won shit. He has a short attention span and probably clocks in on the low side of humanity’s intellect. I wonder how many animals were mistakenly jacked off when the first humans discovered that some of them gave milk. Ask Crow,” Mendoza didn’t add.


*we nominate ourselves

**Soccer reference: League titles in soccer are decided by the regular season only. The FA Cup, the equivalent of playoffs where everyone’s invited, plays a single-elimination-round every three or four weeks all season long, and is a less coveted trophy.


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