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Shagsters–Mendoza Trade

May 10, 2017

Shagsters gives: Freddie Freeman

Mendoza gives: Chris Davis, Jacob DeGrom, Dansby Swanson

“I proposed this deal to Shaggy and he accepted it in, like, 10 seconds,” Mendoza told me on the phone.

Holy shit, I guess he did.

Freddie Freeman had a white-hot April but plays on a last-placed team where the rest of the offence could flatline at any time. Freeman’s OBP should stay out of this world, but we think that’s because teams will just pitch around him.

Chris Davis strikes out too much, but his OBP should be at least tolerable, so the K’s don’t really matter. The counting stats will be there for Crush the rest of the way–perhaps moreso than for Freeman.

DeGrom’s an ace, and Dansby Swanson’s coming around.

Well played Shaggy.

I get a bucket of shit dumped on my head when someone offers me this kind of deal and I snap it up–I hope Shaggy won’t suffer similarly. Shaggy saw a deal that was just way too good, and acted accordingly.


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  1. Shaggy permalink

    Oddly enough, the offers came pouring in for Harper within hours of Freeman moving. 3 teams after him.

  2. Copper permalink

    Im just a trailblazer I guess.

    • Shaggy permalink

      I just thought there was too much Saget content on this blog so felt I needed to give him some material.

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