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Mailbag: Everyone’s an Art Critic.

May 11, 2017


A dirty picture. OK, just a picture of a dirty penguin I took on South Georgia Island.

Hi CL,

How come so many pictures Saget sends through are blurry/unrecognizable?

A Reader

Dear Reader,

I’m not sure. When I preview the article they always look good. Then when I press ‘publish’ some don’t turn out.

I can’t “fix” them because I’m on the free version of the blog so I can’t edit photos in the software (I could remove them, but sometimes they “fix themselves” so I don’t bother.) I checked, and I would need to spend $99/yr. to get editing.

Most of the ‘problem’ pictures are when he rotates the camera 90 degrees. The software gets confused about the orientation sometimes.

Other times, it just doesn’t work right. Sometimes when stuff is free you get what you pay for.




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  1. elramaba permalink

    Some photos are stiff behind glass, some are outdoors and if it’s humid, my Verizon phone blows and when I text or send pics to shawnino sometimes Verizon or aol duck things up

  2. when I look at the blog on my phone…no problem, when I look on my home computer, some of the pictures are fucked up…shit…dunno why

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