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Shaggy–Bautista Baby Trade

May 11, 2017

Shaggy gives: Bryce Harper, Robinson Cano, Patrick Corbin

Bautista Baby gives: George Springer, Max Scherzer, Corey Seager

Interesting deal and I’m careful to call a winner because collectively I was “off” all these guys for various reasons pre-season. I’m not saying I was right. I was certainly wrong about Harper, but there was something about each of these guys on draft day that made me think “Nah” compared to their relative pricepoints.

I think Shaggy wins this one, but more narrowly than at first blush. Let’s take it apart.

Corbin is only marginally better than what’s on the wire with a 3.89 ERA and 1.40 WHIP. The D-Backs are off to a good start but Corbin is somehow shuffling along at 2-4. A 2.75 K/BB ratio is OK, but only OK. Let’s pretend he’s not even here.

Cano and Seager are something of a wash…I guess the edge is Seager’s because it’s an OBP league and not an AVG league, so Shaggy wins slightly here. Cano has a bit more power but Seager is the shortstop which counts for something (although SS is deep these days).

If you’re with me so far, it’s boiled down then to “do you want Harper, or do you want Springer plus Scherzer?”

Well, sure, give us the 2-pack but with less than full enthusiasm. Scherzer has coughed up seven HR in his last four starts and while it hasn’t affected him yet there’s still the lingering issue of his knuckle. As good as Springer is, he’s not Harper and he’s not especially close. There won’t be 400 pips of OPS between them at season’s end as now, but 200 pips is reasonable enough.

So I’d rather have Shaggy’s side of this, but it’s not a total laugher.



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