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Shagsters–Assclowns Trade

May 14, 2017

Shagsters gives: Michael Brantley, Dan Straily

Assclowns gives: Anthony Rendon

For the third time in as many tries this week, we like Shaggy’s side of a deal.

Straily is a replacement-level arm and doesn’t really factor into it, so it comes down to who do you want, Rendon or Brantley?

Rendon thanks. Both have had health issues but Brantley’s are more recent. Brantley has the slightly better OPS so far this year (.843 to .802) but Rendon plays the infield and is on a scary-good offence. There are lots of good outfielders around that can be had reasonably cheaply–third base, not so much.

It’s hard to know if the health gods will make an ‘obvious’ winner out of this deal weeks or months down the road, but Rendon is 27 to Brantley’s 30 and Rendon managed 567 AB last year.

Well played Shaggy.


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