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Saget Cremed for Zack Godley

May 25, 2017

Shagsters gives: Zack Godley

Saget gives: Bradley Zimmer

Surface stats be damned (ERA 2.45; WHIP 1.05), Zack Godley is fucking horrible. Of qualifying pitchers he has the very lowest BABIP in the majors (.231) and his xFIP, which takes fielding luck out of ERA, is over 4.

He was bad last year too–and less lucky: a 6.39 ERA in 75 IP at Arizona.

Going in the other direction is Bradley Zimmer, a blue-chip rookie who’s fitting in just fine with a largely sustainable .876 OPS.

We’ve got an e-mail out to Saget asking why he’d trade for any pitcher at all, never mind this piece of shit. Will report any reply.

Well done Shaggy. Still…

This deal makes me want to cry.


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One Comment
  1. elramaba permalink

    Bullshit, 2.45 ERA, doing better than Amir garrett

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