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Shagsters–Mendoza Trade (II)

May 28, 2017

Shaggy gives: Manny Machado, Robbie Grossman

Mendoza gives: Justin Turner, Wade Davis, Dexter Fowler

Like a battered spouse who just can’t leave, Mendoza traded with Shaggy again and lost another tooth.

Machado went in the first round again this year but is no more a first round talent this year than last–he doesn’t run anymore. Could Machado hit 30 HR? sSre. So could a healthy Marcus Semien or Brad Miller (they each did last year). Machado is an amazing real life baseball talent but in fantasy terms he’s become Upside Jhonny Peralta.

I’d rather have Justin Turner’s monstrous OBP and steady production straight up, and next year I’d draft Turner before Machado. SS is so deep it doesn’t matter anymore.

I’d also rather have Fowler than Grossman. Grossman is holding his own for now, but he’s ben DFA’d three times in his career–including by the Astros back when they were bad. Fowler’s been a bit disappointing this year, and the long term contract may not look clever, but he’ll outperform Grossman over the next four months.

Then Mendoza also threw Wade Davis in, a closer on a winning team.

What a mess.

That’s five or six big trade wins in a row for Shaggy. He’s on a roll.




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  1. Shaggy permalink

    Is the streak still good if you count the Ian Happ and Granderson for Reddick?

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