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Black Magic Woman: Cash Bail–Slumpy Trade

May 29, 2017

Slumpbusters gives: Carlos Santana

Cash Bail gives: Jose Quintana

Kim is looking at a theft charge here as she’s stolen a perfectly adequate 1B/OF guy in Santana in return for a player she should simply have cut.

Neither Santana nor Quintana are having great years, but Santana is at least OK. He’s still on pace for 90 RBI and while a .232 average should hurt your fantasy team, in our OBP league his .330 mark is not a drag. He’s only on pace for 15 HR and we usually see him as 20-25, so sure, he’s having a slightly down year so far.

Quintana, on the other hand, is a goddamn disaster with no silver lining in sight. All the peripheral stats (BABIP, FIP, FB/GB, HR/FB…) say he really is a 4.82 ERA, 1.30 WHIP guy. Whether he’s just having a down year, he’s hurt, all the IP from the las few seasons have piled up too much, or he’s trying too hard because the White Sox are pretty bad… pick your rationale, but there’s no cause for optiimism.

Carlos Santana isn’t Paul Goldschmidt. He can’t play guitar like that other Carlos Santana. But he’s something. And Kim somehow got something for nothing.


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