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Put Dinner on the stove, Lucy. The undefeated run is OVER.

May 29, 2017


You know, I thought I hit rock-bottom in a restroom in Bangkok when a lady-boy was snorting crank off my Johnson while a sunburned German watched us on the toilet. But losing to Dutch Boy, that’s a new low.

If you’re not watching “Brockmire”, you’re missing out. Watch it, stream it, whatever–best baseball comedy ever…kinda like ‘Major League’ but Bob Uecker has Saget’s mouth. OK everyone has Saget’s mouth.

It’s not suitable for under-12s (at one point one of the main characters “snorts an abortion”) and people without a passing knowledge of baseball will need some stuff explained. I actually found some of that stuff the best (the Kangaroo Court episode; Jules discussing Sabrmetric measurements with Brian Kenny). I ended up caring for these tragicomally broken characters and I watched most episodes twice just to hear Brockmnire’s bizarre rants and baseball play by play.

“And he steps into the batters box. This guy reminds me of Babe Ruth, who was also a fat tub of shit…”





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