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Shaggy Shags Coach

May 30, 2017

Shagsters gives: Mark Reynolds, Curtis Granderson

Coach gives: Jose Ramirez, Alex Colome

No clue what Coach was thinking here. OK, maybe a vague one: he believes in the rebirth of Mark Reynolds (.945 OPS) and is in no way fazed by the return of Gerardo Parra and the eventual return of David Dahl.

Reynolds’ .358 BABIP gives us pause. That’s well above the typical .300 for hitters and while Coors plays some part in that, the implication is that about 1/6th of the OPS is a mirage. Going forward Reynolds’ OPS should be more like .790, so Shaggy was eager to sell.

Jose Ramirez is rolling towards 20/20 and Alex Colome should help with ratios while chipping in saves. Gettiong one would have been a good deal for Reynolds, but Shaggy somehow got both.

Shaggy said on chatbox he didn’t even remember that he’d sent this deal out–reasonable, as nobody in his right mind would accept it. Lucky for Shaggy, he sent it to Coach.


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