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Sometimes, Heckling can Give you Grief…

June 16, 2017

I went to school with a guy named Bunin, now a senior Democratic staffer on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. Much of his job is known as Opposition Research — figuring out what the Republicans are going to do on any given issue, hopefully before they do it.

Early Wednesday morning was set aside for baseball practices for Thursday’s charity game. Bunin, a smartass, went to the Republican practice to do “opposition research”. He does that every year. He spent the time heckling the congressmen he personally knew. He does that every year too.

“Close your eyes at the plate next time. It might help.”

“You couldn’t get a hit if you dated Bill Cosby.”

“Is that Babe Ruth at the plate? No, but the Babe was also a fat sack of shit.”

“You throw like a girl.”

They jawed back, as they do every year.

“That’s SENATOR girl to you.”

“You’re the Dems mascot!” [Canadians: the mascot is a jackass.]

“The 80s called–they want their haircut back.”

Then the shooting started.

Then it was over, and Bunin and everyone else stuck around to give witness statements. He didn’t see anything, actually, but before he got to say that, someone else in the sparse crowd pointed him out to officers… said he was verbally abusive to the players.

He consented to be searched.

He wasn’t arrested, but was asked to come down to the station.

The shooting started shortly after 7. He was told he could leave, with thanks, at 2:45.




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