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Jose rips off Mendoza

June 17, 2017

Jose Oquendo gives: Corey Kluber, Nick Castellanos

Mendoza gives: Corey Seager, David Peralta

There were lots of catchy headlines for this one. Riffs on “the two Coreys”, Latin jokes, family rivalry (how does Jose seem clever, but Mendoza seem inbred?) but let’s not bury the lede here: Jose ripped off Mendoza, pure and simple.

Here’s what I think happened: Mendoza groggily woke up and saw that Castellanos had 4 RBI last night, and jumped on a deal that had been sitting in his inbox for a couple days. Tigers’ management was not similarly moved: Castelanos and his .234 average were  scratched again Saturday.

Mendoza also picked up his man-crush, Kluber, who has never really recovered from all last year’s innings (4.15 ERA, 1.21 WHIP). Kluber’s been humping it down the middle to try to cut the wear and tear: 7 HR and 51 H in 56.1 IP. Last year saw only 170 H in 215 IP.

What did Mendoza give up? Only the best SS in the game in Seager and a 20/20 OF type in Peralta. Oh… you hadn’t heard?

Sure, maybe you haven’t heard because West Coast teams and players just don’t get the press. Example: Mike Trout’s 25. He already has more career WAR than a third of the HOF. The press say he’s good, but are too lazy to tell you how good because shucks he’s on the West Coast and they don’t wanna stay up. So hey… instead of featuring Trout, or Seager, or Peralta, let’s annoint Greg Bird as the next Babe Ruth.

Jose can still make the playoffs with his merry band of West Coast misfits. I hear that Kershaw guy’s OK too.

Mendoza’s too busy believing his own hype, or calling Dutch Boy names, or whatever.

Well played, Jose.


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