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Dutch Boy–Cash Bail Trade

June 23, 2017

Dutch Boy gives: Kenta Maeda, Adam Frazier

Cash Bail gives: Mike Leake, Byron Buxton

Dutch Boy made the safe trade; this desk likes the upside of MaeKen and Frazier.

OK, sure. Maybe Maeda never finds his stuff and is condemned to remaining the long man. Maybe when Starling Marte comes back Frazier has no place to play. Let’s see:

The road looks shaky for Maeda–but Hyun-Jin Ryu and Rich Hill aren’t setting the world on fire either. Maeda is a run better than each in FIP. Hill gets blisters. Ryu hasn’t pitched a full season in years. MaeKen will get his shot.

Frazier’s time is now, as the leadoff man. His time might be later too, as the Bucs are sneaky sellers at the deadline. Look what they did last year: First, they sold the expiring contract of Mark Melancon for Felipe Rivero… and more. Then they swapped Francisco Liriano and two suspect-prospects for Drew Hitchison. Everybody in that second deal sucks this year–but the Jays are paying all of Liriano’s $13M salary, which let the Bucs add some complementary pieces in Ivan Nova and David Freese.

This season has not worked out for Pittsburgh, thanks in large part to matters beyond the club’s control: a drunk-driving conviction/work visa issue (Jung-Ho Kang), an 80-game drug suspension (Marte), and testicular cancer (Jameson Taillon). Everything had to go right for the Pirates to make a run this year. It hasn’t. They’ll sell (Andrew McCutchen most probably, Josh Harrison and Freese potentially) and Frazier thus leads off the rest of the way.

Kim didn’t give up too much to take her shot. Mike Leake will regress to his 3.66 FIP, and Byron Buxton’s .589 OPS speaks for itself.

Shaggy’s done the best in the trade market this year, but Kim’s proving a close second.



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