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This just gets worse.

June 25, 2017

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Copper needs to decide if he wants to let DAVID unduly influence the league or not. Perhaps he’s already decided, and this is his answer.

Shaggy asked in the Comments section earlier this week if I thought the last placed team should automatically be precluded from making trades.

My answer to that is that there’s last, and then there’s last.

DAVID was 41 games behind Slumpy and the last playoff spot to start the week. With the Buccos’ game to come tonight, Slumpy’s beating him 12-2. If it holds, that puts DAVID 84 games under .500 with nine weeks to go. He can go 11-2 every week the rest of the way and still wouldn’t see .500.

You know, DAVID did a shit-arsed job managing his team this year by leaving his lineup to rot with DL players. He’s an embarrassment. Yes, he should be encouraged to make his team better, and should be expected to keep his team active. But letting him trade willy-nilly now that he’s hopelessly out of it,  just to try to alter the landscape on those people who played hard all year, that’s just poor.

This isn’t healthy for the league.


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