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Will the Thrill: HOF?

June 28, 2017

Unknown.jpeg     The man himself, later.

Saget pays tribute to Will Clark this week as he attempts to emulate the man — by kicking the shit out of Jose Oquendo. Long a member of the Hall of the Very Good, the question becomes for Clark… Hall of Fame?

By surface stats, he never had a shot: 2176 H, 284 HR, 67 SB.

OK let’s make the case:

  • He hit .303 for his career
  • Career OPS .880
  • 6x All-Star, 2x Silver Slugger, 1x Gold Glove
  • Career WAR of 56.2. There are 20 1B in the HOF, who average 66.4. Clark below average, but not out of the discussion.
  • 7-year peak WAR of 35.9 (5+ in any season is all-star material)
  • Clark retired after his age-36 season. What did he do that year? .319, 21 HR, 5 SB, .964 OPS. To say he could have kept going is an understatement.

Clark played out West mostly, and never in a huge market. Four more years of counting stats, preferably as a DH in New York or Boston, and I think he’s in for sure.

I love Kirby Puckett and have no problem with him in the HOF. If Kirby’s in, isn’t Will in? (Or for that matter, my boy, Jim Edmonds?)

Something to think about anyway.


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  1. Steve permalink

    I’d say he has a shot.

  2. elramaba permalink

    Just like Albert Belle…he’s an asshole, so that might be holding him back…he liked to use the N-word because he’s a racist Mississippi redneck…thats why Jeff Leonard was traded

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