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Mailbag: “Jim Edmonds for HOF? GTFOH.”

July 5, 2017

So, the title was the letter.

And, um, yeah. Jim Edmonds should be in the HOF.

He only got 2.5% of the votes the first year he was eligible and fell off the ballot, so I’m not claiming to hold the majority opinion. I don’t even think he’ll get in (just shy of 2,000 hits). But he should, and here’s the short case why:

  • .903 OPS including .376 OBP and 393 HR
  • .874 playoff OPS including .361 OBP and 13 HR (263 PA… makes him 25-30 HR guy in a 162-game “playoff season”)
  • 8x GG as career CF
  • 60.3 career WAR; average CF in HOF has 71.2 … a little below average, but in the discussion. That Willie Mays fellow has a career WAR of 156.2, raising the average substantially…

Edmonds average was only .284 and I guess he could have picked up 16 pips to get a .300 AVG (and clear 2,000 hits) if he was willing to drop 32 pips of OBP by swinging more. That would have also put him over 400 HR etc. As it was, he took his walks and kept the line moving more often.

The eight gold gloves are impressive because he’s winning them at a defensive position. He’s beating out the defensive-CF specialists (the Kevin Kiermaiers of the world) who hit .250 with 10-15 HR at their own game–defence… all while banging out a .900 OPS.

Edmonds never really played for a large market team (85 games with the Cubs toward the end of his career… .937 OPS over half a season, who cares) and only won one World Series.

Solid case for the Veterans Committee, but until they start putting emphasis on OPS and WAR (likely never), there’s no shot.


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