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Cash Bail–Bautista Baby Trade

July 14, 2017

Cash Bail gives: Gio Gonzalez, Gary Sanchez

Bautista Baby gives: Craig Kimbrel, Trevor Rosenthal, Denard Span

I’m torn on this one: Cash Bail exorcises herself of a Yankee and picks up the Swax’ closer, so my heart says she wins, but I think many people might disagree. Gary Sanchez is pretty good. In a one-catcher league, those two are a wash–one’s more valuable than the other based on your own roster.

Gonzalez and Span balance off for me: Gonzalez has a shint ERA but the peripheral skills (2.24 K/BB) don’t support it going forward. Span in your utility spot won’t hurt you but don’t expect too much.

The wildcard is the once (and future?) closer Rosenthal. Final Boss has struggled this year and if Rosenthal wrests the job back, that flips this trade. Rosenthal’s own ERA (4.05) doesn’t ooze confidence, but the Cards might feel they need to shake stuff up, siting in third with the Cubs signalling intent on their Quintana deal. Both teams have the talent to pass the Brewers, but the Cards have less margin for error.

If Rosenthal becomes the closer, Bautista Baby scores. Otherwise, it’s pretty even.


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