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Saget flips. Mendoza: “Saget flip-flopped.”

July 18, 2017

Hi Saget,

What was with that message board post?

You drafted those closers… what’s the problem?

Also, since you stream so much, how do you expect short relievers to actually help you? You dilute their innings so much with back-of-the-rotation garbage, they can’t work for you. My closers help my ratios because I only throw 50 IP/week.




Kahnle, Soria, Barraclough are speculative adds if trades turn them into closers. If my Monday and Tuesday SP’s bomb, my attitude is ‘fuck it, stream for a chance at W’s and QS’s’.

Closers in this league’s settings are, in my twisted mind, like religion: most people are indifferent or think there’s nothing wrong with it or it’s relatively harmless, but the reality is religion and people believing in nonsense in this day in age is a terrible thing and it kills scores of people and hinders peace and progress. Most people, including me, don’t have the balls to call it bullshit in public because they would lose their spouse or their business or their head depending on what part of the world you live in.
Well goddamnit! I want to live in a world where Pat Neshek has comparable value to Ryan Madson but I have no faith the league will vote in my humble opinion to do the right thing and add holds or combine holds and saves in one category. There is no question we are playing under the same rules and it’s a fair system. I am just professing my undying hate for having saves as the only reliever category.
If saves as a single category was a tangible person or animal and murder was legal, I would bludgeon it to death with a barbwire baseball bat that was also set on fire with white hot phosphorus.
Also, if we can’t agree to add another D.L slot next year….then holy shitballs!  Love the league! Just loathe the closers only rule. Again, I find closers value too volatile, but obviously will continue to play under majority rules
We asked Mendoza for a reply. What came back was a third-degree burn:
I’ll just refer you to this….

Annual Settings Debate

I think we should just copy and paste the pre-season posts from 2011-2016 concerning the settings (saves and holds and all that bullshit) because I’m sure no one’s position has changed and we’ll all go round and round and wind up right back where we started, I like holds, but for the purposes of focusing on the draft and trades in the “now”…fuck it, I say leave the shit alone unless Trump intervenes!
Oh dear.

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  1. elramaba permalink

    Yeah…i said I like saves and holds in January but the league will never vote to change anything…same in January and july

  2. Shaggy permalink

    Good news is that now that Robertson has been traded, you have Kahnle stepping into the closer role…oh wait

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