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Shagsters–Nookie Trade

July 25, 2017

Shagsters gives: Chris Davis, Jose Ramirez

Nookie gives: Chris Sale, AJ Ramos

This deal’s winner will be strikingly obvious… in four days. Either AJ Ramos gets traded to a contender and Shaggy paid half a player too much for Chris Sale and a 7th-inning-guy, or Ramos is a closer when the deadline passes and Nookie got a half a player too little.

This desk has no idea whether Ramos gets traded but is intrigued that, as the Marlins’ sale drags out, the front office keeps talking about wanting to keep the core pieces for incoming ownership … and Ramos is never mentioned as a core piece. Unlike Stanton, Yelich, etc, Ramos could be on the move.

Complicating matters, Ramos is arb-eligible one last time next season and will get a raise over this year’s $6.55 million number…up to $8 million, maybe $9 million. Nobody wants to pay that to a set-up guy not named Andrew Miller. So anybody trading for Ramos is either thinking he’ll close this year or at very least next…or they’re considering non-tendering his arse. In the non-tender scenario, that makes him a lot less valuable in terms of what a team might part with.

Shaggy’s best hope is that Ramos stays put, or, failing that, Ramos goes somewhere where  he can bully himself into the mix for Saves.

Sale, alone, is worth more than Crush Davis–but less than Davis and Jose Ramirez put together.

Not that it should be a huge issue for Shaggy, but this trade has depleted his offence further in this deal, and necessitated a trade or three to try to bring his team back into balance.




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