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Assclowns–Mendoza Trade

July 26, 2017

Assclowns gives: Edwin Diaz

Mendoza gives: Danny Duffy; the only copy of secret footage of Sluggerrrr disgracing himself on a pile of barbecued ribs

“I’m the Dirty Commish so I rammed this deal through 15 seconds after it was accepted,” Mendoza didn’t say but might as well have. “It’s always useful to have a Royal to foist off on one or the other of their homers. I got a closer for a guy whose WHIP can’t even help you against [DAVID],” he didn’t add, but likely should have.



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  1. Copper permalink

    Does this mean I win? Shaggy is keeping score.

  2. Shaggy permalink

    Did you send cash in the deal as well as a PTBNL?

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