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Svetlana’s Wiretap (July 27)

July 28, 2017

Some of the wording may not be exact as it gets sent to the Centre, translated into Russian, then we translate it back to English.

Voice 1: Hello.

Voice 2: What is the shaking?

Voice 1: Not much

Voice 2: Are you still in shock about my trade?

Voice 1: Yeah wow.

Voice 2: I honestly didn’t know he liked the Royals.

Voice 1: That sounds like Fake News.

Voice 2: No I really didn’t.

Voice 1: He’s been in the league forever.

Voice 2: Well, I didn’t know. And I didn’t think he’d take it. I thought he’d counter.

Voice 1: Why? Because it’s lopsided?

Voice 2: I thought he’d want an out-in-the-field. I have too many out-in-the-fields.

Voice 1: So why didn’t you offer him one?

Voice 2: I don’t know.

Voice 1: Oh, have sexual intercourse off.

Voice 2: Seriously I didn’t know he liked the Royals.

Voice 1: But you didn’t offer him an out-in-the-fields.

Voice 2: No. Of course Duffy is pitching much better since he came off the Disabled Listings. I think that must be what he was looking at.

Voice 1: And he pitched well again last night.

Voice 2: Of course, he was still mine for that start.

Voice 1: Of course.

Voice 2: Happy Times. I needed it. Cashing Bail is off to a good start.



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