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Mendoza on the Balcony

August 1, 2017


The Dirty Commish, earlier.

In case you missed it on the message board yesterday, Mendoza is changing the pitching vcategories next year to further value closers and make eighth inning guys worth less than nothing. How? Changing Saves to Net Saves. So set-up guys can’t get saves, but can lose them.

This was accompanied by Fake News about a vague discussion around a non-existent stat, “Net Holds”. Net Holds will not be implemented because IT DOES NOT EXIST.

This desk objected: it’s just one big scam that favours Mendoza. The eighth ining guy is unrosterable–until he becomes the closer. Then he is infinitely valuable. Most of us have to work, and can’t sit around surfing the ‘net all day waiting for closer changes to break on the newswire. Mendoza can. What a way to sew up a cat your yourself.

That said, we were told our opinion does not matter, specifically. But if someone else something, it might not be too late:

Shawn Young (Curacao Littleleague)

Yesterday, 3:19 PM

Are the other things for-sures too?
Steve Copp (Mendoza Maniacs)

Yesterday, 3:21 PM

Pretty much unless someone changes my mind other than you.

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