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Bautista Baby Tinder Sexcapade!

August 24, 2017

Met Bautista Baby last night and he hopefully becomes a feature of our monthly get-togethers. Four league members in town now.

So anyway I guess there’s this thing on the Intertubes called Tinder where you can meet people to “hook up”. I don’t quite understand that, as if your Google-Machine isn’t already hooked up, how do you get on the Intertubes to use the Tinder?

Anyway, Bautista Baby was on the Tinder on Monday. Anyway you have to do something called ‘swiping’. This sounds like a lot of work and may be potentially felonious. Anyway you swipe left if you don’t like something or swipe right if you do or whatever. Or the other way. I tried it I don’t get it. I prefer the NC-17 Snapchat of the girl who stayed here last summer but whatever–no swiping.

Anyway, Bautista Baby is swiping instead of watching Monday Night Football. I haven’t really been into MNF since Dandy Don left. Remember Dandy Don’s comment about Browns WR, Fair Hooker? “I haven’t seen one yet!” Anyway the Tinder isn’t about hookers but from what Bautista Baby says it’s kind of like the free version of that. Free’s good.

So anyway he’s on the Tinder swiping, and he starts talking to a young lady. Well, they don’t talk you see… these days on the Intertubes you can type each other messages. It’s really quite something. Svetlana’s so clever she can type the messages in Russian. Backwards N’s and bell-shaped D’s and all that shit.

So he’s typing with this young lady and they decide to meet at his place. She wasn’t interested in MNF either. I’ll bet she likes Dandy Don too. Anyway, we will print anything so if Bautista Baby wants to write in with the details we will print them. But this is a family-friendly blog so for now I’ll leave it with saying that Bautista Baby had a nice evening with the young lady. Matters got more interesting when the young lady used her google-phone to tell her friend to come over to Bautista Baby’s apartment to join them.


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