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Open Letter to Copper

September 13, 2017


I’m not going to litter the message board further because most people rightly don’t give a shit. And they shouldn’t have to. But I will put this here as my last statement on the matter, in response to your note. I don’t want the “Last Word”–feel free to take it in the Comments here, on the Message Board, or anywhere else.

You write in full:

Shawn, for someone who consistently referred to me as the “dirty commish” and frequently tried to make out I was spreading “fake news” your comments are ridiculous.

If you don want to play anymore fine but don’t make up reasons….

and here’s my answer:

  1. The ‘Dirty Commish’ stuff: This goes back 10 (15?) years to your football league and I think it was Bub who started it. (I’m not sure of the exact circumstances but I think English dropped Drew Brees and you reversed his drop?) I most certainly never started calling you that until you started referring to yourself that way jokingly (usually on the phone). “Well of course Josh/Dave/etc. didn’t like my trade, but I’m the ‘Dirty Commish’.” You called yourself that so much, I thought you took it not just as a joke, but as a harmless in-joke when I said it. I know now you didn’t take it as a harmless in-joke. I was wrong. I’m sorry.
  2. The best evidence I have that I don’t think and never thought you’re Dirty is that I’m eager to play in your basketball league.
  3. As to the ‘Fake News’ stuff, I thought that was more of the same. Again I was wrong and again I am sorry. You called me ‘Donald Trump’ more than a few times on chatbox, so I replied as Trump might: by calling your predictions/statements ‘Fake News’. I thought I was responding in-character. (Watch Trump’s press availabilities: that’s all he’s got.) Often, I even agreed 100% with your statements, and figured I could give them more ‘oomph’ by calling them Fake News. You didn’t see it that way, and I clearly didn’t notice. That’s on me, and I’m sorry.
  4. I’m not ‘making up reasons’ why I don’t want to play in your baseball league. It’s Just Dave. I told you that on the phone ten days ago and you seemed OK with that. Well at least you didn’t accuse me of making stuff up. If you think I’m making stuff up now, I assure you I’m not. Your claim that I’m making up reasons takes me by surprise, because you talked me out of quitting this league last year over the same issue.
  5. Dave is a bully. In time, with me not around, he’ll pick another target in your league. Maybe that target will have thicker skin than I do. But, eventually, it’ll get just as bad. A great deal of our misunderstanding is on me, as detailed above. For that, I’m sorry. Looking ahead, that doesn’t change that if you don’t get Dave to clean up his act (given how we know him in real life, this seems unlikely), you won’t be able to say you’re surprised when this happens again.



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One Comment
  1. Steve permalink

    I have never cared for your or Daves online “persona”. You both have ranted over the line numerous times. I have only ever tried to defend myself when I’m accused of lying or deceiving people on purpose. I have said lots of things on the message boards that turns out to be inaccurate or wrong but never on purpose. I could care less about the chirping you do about me otherwise but that’s me and not everyone.

    I knew you were leaving because you were fed up with fighting with a Dave but you bring it on yourself. This blog you constantly attack people and even your last post on the league message board – you couldn’t help but take another shot at Daves intelligence. This only makes them defensive and many a night you relished in the back and forth.

    If you are gonna give it you gotta take it.

    I think you are great for the league and can come back anytime but this online persona thing has got to go.

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