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Mailbag: Hurricane Irma Edition

September 15, 2017

Hi CL,

Your friends in Curacao OK from the Huricane?

Just Wondering

Dear Wondering,

Everybody’s fine. Curacao is too far South to get even dribbles from most hurricanes. The last serious storm there was in 1913.

That said, the Dutch Islands in the N. Caribbean got it really bad. Don’t know about Statia. Saba is wrecked, but calm. Sint Maarten, if reports trickling into Curacao are to be believed, has turned into an extended scene from The Purge:

Gangs with machetes are roaming the streets. If your house wasn’t wrecked, they’re coming to loot, and you don’t want to be home as they’re not leaving witnesses behind.

The French sent in a couple companies of soldiers stationed in Guadeloupe. Don’t bring a machete to a gun fight–unless you’re fighting the French. They’re staying in barracks.

French and Dutch Special Forces (the northern half of the island is French; the southern half of the island is Dutch) are due in today or tomorrow to try to restore order.

Scary shit.



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